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TurningintoBabies-EM's Profile Picture
Kristy Fox/Nightshade Kittentana
Kristy Fox: Babyfur : Fox
Color : Orange, Red and Black
Nightshade's Girlfriend
Age : 4

Nightshade Kittentana: Babyfur : Cat/Bunny
Color : Purple, Lime Green, and Red
Kristy's Girlfriend
Age: 4

Toddler By Tifffany but have to see comic to find out what APed her to a preschooler (Kristy Fox)
Tiffany somehow will fall into the degrader during comic

Furry Ideas (Sept 1st) new Topic 

11 deviants said Babyfur
5 deviants said TGfur
4 deviants said Furry to non furryTF
1 deviant said FullFur
1 deviant said SissyFur
1 deviant said Teenfur

new Regression ideas (Sept 1st) 

5 deviants said Bed that causes you to Regress on it baggy clothes optional
5 deviants said Stroller person straps the person into stroller AR takes after
4 deviants said Crib falls into becomes baby again
3 deviants said Diaper Machine mayhem
2 deviants said Ar Mirror adult becomes baby by mirror
1 deviant said elderly turned into a Teen
1 deviant said Regressing while being holded by relatives and family
No deviants said Fitting room sudden ar
No deviants said tinadype's new diapers and effects

TG Ideas (Sept 1st) 

7 deviants said TG clothes
5 deviants said Wishing on a star TG
3 deviants said TG bathroom
2 deviants said Soda or drink causing man to woman/woman to Man Transformation
1 deviant said TG swap

Inanimate ideas (Sept 1st) 

12 deviants said Diaper TFs
3 deviants said Costume TFs
1 deviant said Statue TFs
No deviants said 2d uncoloring easile TFs


Wolfedge Magic Changing table TG AR
Krissy was Helping Wolfedge out  with shopping when all of  a sudden he let go of what he was holding  weird thing is krissy wondered why it didn't leak out of the pants she realized he had a male depends on in case he had to hold it to the store so krissy decided to go to the ladies room to change him one problem She had only a Baby Girl Diaper without thinking she put it on wolfedge all of a sudden his hair turned long and red the baby fat returned he noticed things where shrinking back into his body the shirt he wore turned into a baby shirt but the jacket stayed the same  the once tight diaper now fit her  so it could be fastened after this Krissy now was stuck with the task of getting baby clothes for her new baby  that once used to be only a friend of hers hopefully Wolfedge's Family after will take her in so she can grow up again but this time to a woman.

Thursday is the results of the polls if you haven't voted do so in the next few days for a awesome outcome. 

Been Pretty Busy should be slowing down soon in fall.
don't worry all reqwests are saved in comments and notes too they will be done too

 40,000  Reqwest  from Sept to Jan 2017 :  Plush Toy TFs being human or Furries.
TF Gun of course special colors will tell what it is at that time

Krisandra Returns to Teenager years as well

Thanks For the 40,000 PVS !!!!!!!!

Preschooler Dayz :
Kristy and Kristina parts done Nightshade and Utinah next then tiffany at the end

 Regression to baby on krissy kittentana will happen due to Utinah becoming a preschooler due to eye Tfing after degrader

Legion Warcraft TF sequences coming later as well

Ar idea poll Results 

Tg poll Results

furry poll results

Inanimate poll results 

October Costumes with requests for costumes to wear

and much much more


Sunny Summertime - Koala (Fraternal Twin of Kristofer)

Kristofer - Jennifer's son in march

Babies in Diapers :

Cassie - Squirrel
Kristabelle - Wolf
Calista - Chiuhauha
Stacy - Rabbit
Lacey - Panda
Krissy Kittentana - cat (Regressed due to dragon curse on Utinah)


Krista - Mouse

Autumn Breeze - Wolf/Koala/Bear cub
Nightshade Kittentana - Bunny or her Cat Babyfur
Utinah Kittentana - Dragon
Kristy - Fox
Kristina - Raccoon

Harold - Kangaroo

Tiffany - Sloth


Krisandra - Skunk


Tinadypes - Leopard

Krystalfuse - Lioness


Jennifer - Bat Preschool  (Pregnant)


Krissy - Tigress

Emily - Dog

Ryuka Kittentana - Monkey

What's Going What's New

Done Sept 1st :


All summer Poll Results ones (requested will be done requested before Sept 1)

portable Effect Machine

What's NEw

Prescooler Dayz comic and Reqwest Pics

OCtober Halloween costumes

Effect Machine Returns plus a new one called the Degrader in the comic

fall Poll result requests will be posted here

Reqwests Slots

Requests : 5 slots avail 5 (total)




How Preschooler Dayz Requests work

Seperate from comic but you can be put into both

1 Pick an Oc you have

2. choose you Undergarment Diapers or Training Pants

3 . Topics to choose from : School Activities
Snack Time
Dress Up
Potty Or Changing Time
Picked Up By Relatives or Family

Requests Available Charge Free or an art trade i guess

Babalities - All The Time

Effect Machine - Closed for summer Reopens Sept 1st

Portable one is Open now ends sept 1st

FoY AR or tg or both by popsicile - Ends Sept 1st

Star Wars - All year

Pokemon/Pokemon Go Accidents - All Year

Newborn - pick mother of father your Ocs mainly depending on gender and who you want ared back to being a newborn also on of your ocs no cost it's just a cool idea i'm doing for request.

Baby Stuff Requests

AP Teenager - Elderly
Male or Female Ars

Diapers have a tutorial on them in a pic

How to Make 4 Diff. Styles of Diapers (Tutorial) by TurningintoBabies-EM

Baggy shirts/clothes

Newborn Ars
Training pants
Footy pajamas All TG Forms

to apply for request just note or comment on Journal with description i will respond

5/5 open slots

Effects I Can Do

AR and diapering AR for those who need help don't know how

including undies to diapees TFs now

Training pants are now an option too regresses user to 3 or 4 to use potty.

TG- Partial and Full also TG AR both ways


Bimbo - Regular and Furry


UB and RB





Journal History


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